Hi, I'm Jamie aka CosmicWolf
An avid competitive coder
Jamie Sebastian


Jamie Sebastian is a Computer Science Co-op undergraduate student in the University of Waterloo. As a hard working, ambitious software engineer who always takes ownership over his work and insists it meets the highest standards, he pays close attention to detail and possesses strong problem-solving skills.

Not only does he love to learn new things, he is also very adaptable and is an avid participant of competitive programming (Username: CosmicWolf). In his spare time, he enjoys playing soccer, table tennis, chess, Tetris, video games, watching anime, playing clarinet, and playing piano. FC Barcelona is his favourite soccer team!

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Work Experience

Software Engineer
Persona (Identity Infrastructure), San Francisco, USA (May - Aug 2022)
- Technologies Used: React, Redux, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, MongoDB, Docker, Bitbucket
- Working on improving identity verification by making use of NFC chips on passport

Software Engineer - Infrastructure
Wish (E-Commerce Platform), Toronto, Canada (Sep - Dec 2021)
- Technologies Used: Golang, Kubernetes, Temporal
- Led a project to send notifications on different stage transitions of an experiment, and reminder notifications for stagnation on certain lifecycle stages of the experiment. Created design doc, and developed a new service to maintain timers and notify EXP service of when notifs occur.

Full Stack Software Engineer
Persona (Identity Infrastructure), San Francisco, USA (Jan - Apr 2021)
- Technologies Used: React, Redux, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, MongoDB, Docker, Bitbucket
- Worked in the Workflows Engineer Team, where Persona Workflows allow automation of manual actions depending on a series of customizable steps/conditions, through a no-code, drag and drop interface.
- Drove a project to allow for rolling out new workflow versions (Created a software design doc and worked with the design team for UI/UX discussion)
- Multiple polishes for the workflow editor page arising from taking the initiative to QA the product for bugs
- Did many code reviews for the workflow team

Full Stack Software Engineer
Stratus360 (Business Management Consultant), Toronto, Canada (May - Aug 2020)
- Technologies Used: Lightning Web Component (LWC), Apex, Salesforce
- Developed a highly dynamic form that can be used in many of the company's projects, using Lightning Web Component(LWC), a framework making much use of the features of Javascript ES6, and Apex, the backend for Salesforce.
- In this development, I went through the analysis, design, implementation of the software development cycle. I also created detailed documentation on how to utilise the form.
- Worked on a team to fix issues and develop features for the website, such as fixing multiple css issues (e.g. double scrollbar), improving UX by scrolling to top upon datatable reload.

Full Stack Software Engineer
Pairrd (Poker Educational Software), Waterloo, Canada (Aug - Dec 2019)
- Technologies Used: Angular, Firebase Realtime Database, Git
- Worked closely with lead developer, a former Amazon Software Engineer, from whom I learned about core values like Ownership.
- Participated in the design, implementation, and iteration phases of the software development cycle to create a robust chat feature that supported notifications, draggable and resizable window.
- During the iteration phase, improved the customer experience by observing UX gaps and inefficiencies, reviewing them with the lead developer then adjusting the code necessary to make improvements.
- Took initiative to QA the site and suggest UX improvements while completing assigned tasks or projects. Made the necessary code fixes where appropriate.
- Check out the website, pairrd.com


ICPC - ECNA Region
Feb 2022
Represented U of Waterloo
Google Code Jam
Top 1.5% (Round 3)
Facebook Hacker Cup
2020, 2021
Top 2.5% (Round 2)

Euclid Math Contest
Apr 2018
Top 2.3% (Distinction)
AS-Level Computer Science
Oct 2017
Top Scorer in Indonesia
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
Sep 2017
Grade 8 Piano

Bina Bangsa School 7th Annual Public Concert
Feb 2017
Concert Master for Winds Section
Singapore and Asian School Math Olympiad
April 2016
Top 8% (Gold Award)

Side Projects

A website that has tools for advanced problem filtering, user overview, and user comparison, for the online judges Codeforces and UVa Online Judge. It was made for users to conveniently find problems and be able to compare with friends/rivals for motivation. Made with Angular and hosted on Github Pages. More about it here

This House of Mine
A side-scrolling adventure game about a mad scientist who mistakenly drank the shrinking potion in his own house and his journey to return to normal. Created with Unity by a group of 4 for Global Game Jam 2019. (Runs on Windows)

It is a website that implements a messaging service which also implements an IDE to write and edit code. The IDE is also able to be rerun with different input easily which makes it ideal for a flexible learning experience. Made with Angular and Firebase, and hosted on DigitalOcean, for Garuda Hacks 2020. Link to submission here

Galactic Pizza Quest
A game about a delivery alien tasked with safely delivering pizza to hungry aliens, avoiding asteroids and breaking free of other planets' gravitational pull. Made with Unity by a team of 4 for GI Game Jam Fall 2018. (Press Kit)

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